'Angiosperm' challenges the trivialized view on sexuality in consumerist greed, utilitarian machinery or in genetically modified attempts for anthropocentric good. Sexuality is seen as sacred, in as much as it is our embodied way of being and creating that has universal origin to all living creatures. The concept of sexuality in the framework of this project is also expanded. It is not just the physical cross-pollination, it also considers the cross-pollination of thought in the wider ecosystem of human, plant, weather, political, insect relationships. This project explores our intimate ways of sharing, building pollination networks and fruitful relations. Virtual or purely physical, connections are at the basis of all life, from galaxies to clouds and apples 🍑

Multimedia, green screen installaion with pollen, poplar tree seeds, apple tree branch, various fruit and flowers.
Soundscape by Waterflower (a.k.a Sabine Moore)
Internation Performance Art Festival Starptelpa